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Choreography Spring 2015


The most important thing is to have ENERGY on the stage. SELL the song! Move naturally and have fun….and so will your audience! For the more serious songs, the same idea: sing with your faces as well as your voices. Communicate the idea of the song.



Only solo: BAR 9 ... Call me ... hand like “call me‿.        

All: BAR 17 -> 22 - sway shoulders starting on the right to the left 

All at Bar 17: ...High enough..right arm up finger pointing up and stay. 

Only first row Bar 20: ...low enough...right arm down and up with palm up and stay.

Only first row Bar 22: ...ain't no river wide enough...both arms open in front to the audience

All 22->23: On the word "me" In The sentence "To keep  me from getting to you babe"- we cross hands on chest (fist)

All 23-24: you babe...pointing with right hand the audience.

All: BAR 29 - I made a vow -> hands like Namaste (prayer).

Bar 33->41 Repete the same mouvements like Bar 17->24

All: BAR 46 - ...stop... stop with right hand to the audience.

All 55-61: Split choir in half, mirror watching slightly diagonal moving back and forth.

All bar 62: the body should be facing the audience.

All: BAR 63->68 - Repete the same mouvements like Bar 17->24

All: BAR 80-81 - keeps me from you -> both arms closed in a cross on the chest.

All: BAR 82-83 - from you -> open both arms to the audience.

Please see the video, they are not the same movements but to see the energy of the choir:



Entry to the stage in groups first sopranos, after altos, and after men, in a rush as if missing the train.

Small group in front: Sopranos: Shirley, Elisabetta, Gemma, Elodie, Lucile

                                       Alto: Charlotte, Milena, Caty, Jurita, Nati

All: BAR 18 -19 and 77-78 – march starting with right foot.

All: BAR 20-21 and 79-80 - I’ll beat my drum -> continue marching and hands like drums to the audience

All ladies: BAR 23 and 81 - stop marching and open right arm down like a fan and right leg. 

Only sopranos bar 24 and bar 83-84:...your turn a bat sir -> like swinging a bat 

Only Altos: BAR 27 and 86 - Hat -> movement with right hand up taking off a hat and turn crossing right leg infront of left leg to left direction and both hands down on the left knee with crossing legs (left in front and right behind). 

Bar 53 when men sing all women stand with head down and hands down cross in front.

Bar 59 when altos sing with head up and hands palms up, men continue singing.

All bar 65 sopranos head up and palms up and all sing.

All: bar 70 …"and Bam" - all ladies do with the hand a gun shot movement

All bar 95-96:right hand up with palm up. When Thomas gives the sign all hands down.


DULAMAN - Expressive Song

Group of dancers only in the instrumental part:

Gemma - Caty 

Jonathan/Chris -  Anton 

Option 1: -> performance version 
Option 2 
Irish dance complete 1st attempt



:D Smile, smile, smile.....Wamor ahinya it means "We are so happy" :D

All bar 8->27: like an african movement, starting with the right foot and right arms and hands up (like receiving water from the sky).

Sopranos and Altos bar 32/35/37: ...Wololore... hands up and down like rain

Tenors and Basses bar 34/36/38: ...Wololore... hands up and down like rain

All bar 40->52 start again african movement.

All bar 52-> 57 ...Wololore... hands up and down like rain

All bar 61->64: ...Wololore... hands up and down like rain

All bar 67->64: starting in ...rain..., again hands up an down like rain

Tenors bar 70-71: ...Wololore... hands up and down like rain

Sopranos Bar 68->80:african movement

All bar 74->80: start again the african movement

Stop move and smile to the audience when we sing Wamorahinya 3 times bar 80-81->84  

Last time Wamorahinya bar 85 we open both arms and hands up palms to the audience and with the rain percussion sound hands go down like rain.


SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN - Expressive song

Try to find the umbrellas from Luxembourg city, LCTO or the umbrellas with differents colors. 

Couples from bar 1->18:they dance in front of the choir, taking all the place on the stage. 

Pascal and Benoit with hats and the intention of conquering some of the ladies.

Shirley and Elisabetta (Nati): with 1 umbrella and spin the umbrella all the time. 

Milena (Charlotte) and Ana: with 1 umbrella and spin the umbrella all the time. 

Last row from the beginning until bar 50: spin the umbrellas … From bar 51->73 STOP spin the umbrellas.

Only first row bar 73: ...with both arms and hands, palms up to the audience. 

Only last row Bar 77->end: spin the umbrellas …….

The couples bar 107 starts again to dance in front of the choir and Pascal and Benoit for bar 112-113 you have to be face to face of 2 ladies, Benoit and Pascal back to back, you take the umbrella and the ladies take your arms leaving the stage one on the right the other on the left. 

OVER THE RAINBOW – Expressive song

If possible: play with lights with rainbow colors.  

THE EARTH IS MY MOTHER – Expressive song


VINCENT – Expressive song

CLOSER TO THE FLAME – Expressive Song

CRY ME A RIVER - Expressive Song


If possible: Projection of Michael Jackson video clip “Earth song‿ edited, with only the nice images.

HIJO DE LA LUNA - Expressive song

If possible: play with lights, if possible a Moon shadow.

IN THE STILLNESS – Expressive song

PLACIDO E IL MAR - Expressive song 


Groupe 1: Agnesca, Marta, Elodie, Lilli, Karolina

Groupe 2: Denise, Shirley, Charlotte, Karen, Caty

Groupe 3: Evita, Jurita, Milena, Natalia,

The 3 groups have to be expressiveand acting when the rest of the choir is singing.

All at Chorus: Mamma mia both hands on face

                       My, my           two-time right hand   on chest

                      Why, why         open hands to the audience palms up

                     Bye, bye           wave right hand


All: the "MA" at the end:  right leg and hand in front

Small group: the "MA" at the end: left leg and left hand in front


The movement starts from right hand toward the left side from bar-
23 (B) with the word "wade" of the altos Until the word :"in the" and in "water" bar 28 we have the hands down.

And again in (D)- bar 51 we start the movement again with right hand when altos are saying "wade". Until bar 56 (the same here- hands down in the word "water" end of bar 56).

And again in (F)- bar 87 we start again the movement until  bar 92 "in the" and -"water"- hands down.

bar 107 in the word "LORD" we all raise both hands starting from down and up and looking up to the "sky"