Voices International was founded in 1997 by Peggy Jenks and a few enthusiastic singers soon after the close of a local production of the musical "Oklahoma". She had inquired of the performers in this musical whether they might be interested in continuing to "get together and sing", and their response was very positive. A few weeks later the early roots of Voices International were planted.

The group decided to perform a public concert at the old American International School of Luxembourg auditorium, (now renamed the International School of Luxembourg). They needed a name, and quickly decided on "Voices International" due to the multiplicity of nationalities among them. About 80 enthusiastic listeners attended their first concert and, thus inspired, VI decided that they should perform a couple of concerts per year. In the early days each repertoire was performed only once, but as the choir has became more popular in the community the number of concerts per season has grown to anywhere between two and four.

For the Christmas 2006 concert season Jean Schumacher became the Musical Director for Voices International.  He continued as the Director through the Christmas 2009 season.

Thomas Raoult

Thomas Raoult was chosen as the Musical Director for the Spring 2010 Season. He continued as the Director through the Christmas 2017 season.

James Libbey was chosen as the Director for the Spring 2018 Season.