What does it take to be a member?

There is no minimum requirement for prior musical training or experience, but you must be willing to attend rehearsals very regularly and spend the required additional time practicing on your own to learn the repertoire. We do check that each member knows the music before they are allowed to participate in the concerts but there is no formal audition to get started.


Spring Season 2022

In Spring 2022 we have 2 seasons to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the choir:


1st Spring season - Spring (1)

Rehearsals starting 10 January 2022 - Jubilate Deo (Dan Forrest - 7 movements - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVyCzNg6o0o) work with chamber orchestra using sheet music. Performance on April 2 in the Grand Hall at the Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg


2nd Spring season - Spring (2)

Rehearsals starting Wednesday 20 April 2022 with concerts in June 2022 including at the Philharmonie.

Rehearsals on Mondays and Wednesdays all the way through this season!

Last opportunity to join this season: Wednesday 11th May 2022


Usually we memorize our music, which gives us more freedom to express what we‘re singing. In order to help the members learn the music we provide them with practice tracks and other tools to aid in the learning process. We include choreography in a small selection of songs.


We are a very sociable group! We welcome many new and returning members each season.



Rehearsal Time

Regular rehearsals are held Monday evenings, 19.00 - 21.00.

Usually one month ahead of concerts we add rehearsals on Wednesday evenings too.
There are also 2-3 Saturday workshops each season.



Covid Safety

Voices International wishes to create a safe environment for all our singers whilst also being able to sing as a normal choir as much as possible. Vaccination provides the highest possible level of safety and trust between singers. It protects not only yourself, but also your fellow singers and eventually our audience.

We therefore ask all our members:

- to be fully vaccinated, including, as soon as posssible, the booster shot

- to do a self-test before every rehearsal



We will ask you to upload your latest vaccination certificate before you can attend rehearsals. We will use the Luxembourg CovidCheck app to check it.


Please find more information on vaccination and boosters on the government website:



We will start the season wearing masks and sitting with 1m distance, in the large and well-ventilated auditorium, with many windows open.

Please dress appropriately!


We hope the situation will improve in the coming months so that we can once again sing closer together to hear each other better, and hopefully also sing without masks.

The committee is continually evaluating the health situation, taking advice from government informatoin as well as medical personnel within the choir.



Rehearsal Location

International School of Luxembourg, Merl.

Here is a map.

It's hard to find the first time, leave plenty of time!


You will need to sign in as you enter the building.

*** Please sign up before you attend your first rehearsal and bring your Covid Vaccination Certificate ***

*** Remember to do a self-test before each rehearsal ***



Seasonal Subscription fee

The subscription fee for the Spring (2) season is 50 euros. Students pay half. Special cases/arrangements/rates on request.

Payments must be made before 14 May 2022. 

We apologise, but we can only give music out permanently to those that have already paid, thank you for your understanding.



Sign Up

is now open, until 11 May for the Spring (2) 2022 season.

Please complete this form to get started.

Please write your Display name as you would like to have it in the concert program and on our staff page.

Please do not use company emails or hotmail, as they might not work. Preferably use Gmail or Yahoo.

(Important note: do not use a space in your username. Must be lower case - no capital letters. Only letters, numbers and _ are allowed.)

Don't forget to click on the Terms and Conditions at the end, do the Kaptcha and click on the Sign-Up button!


If you are a returning member but did not sing last season, please email chairman@voicesinternational.lu to have your website account re-activated.



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